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  • 31 venerdì
  • gen 2014
  • 13:34
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Convenience Over Conservation Syndrome.

A dirty lake, river or even a clogged sewer is an eye soar. Walking past one and our reactions to that is a true test of character. A very minimal three percent is all that we have as fresh water …

  • 3 venerdì
  • gen 2014
  • 21:02
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It’s About Us

Rephrasing “Environment conservation” or “Protecting Environment” needs to be done with top priority. Everybody is under the impression we are trying to protect the environment. In reality we are only trying to protect mankind from self-inflicted curses that range from …

  • 18 mercoledì
  • dic 2013
  • 12:40
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Why fear is the first enemy in conservation

When people who are going against the environment and nature could be strong and bold, why not those who abide by nature? This is not an argument of different opinions, its the basic principle that we share this planet with …

  • 18 mercoledì
  • dic 2013
  • 12:23
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Being a conservationist is Being Disciplined

At EFI (Environmentalist Foundation of India) we are involved in real time result oriented environmental conservation work. One of our projects is the Fence It Lake Restoration effort.

We adopt lakes and ponds and get them restored for biodiversification, there …

  • 29 venerdì
  • nov 2013
  • 12:31
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The Art of Restoring a Lake

Lakes are usually viewed from far, admired for its beauty or at times used to take a dip. Have we every wondered beyond that what a lake stands for and why it is important not just for you and me …

  • 28 giovedì
  • feb 2013
  • 19:14
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Where is Water When Needed

India is a rain fed country, completely dependant on its 4 month monsoons to survive the rest of the months. A phenomenon like nowhere else when different parts of the country gets washed with rain at different times. The journey …

  • 22 martedì
  • gen 2013
  • 21:32
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Our Garbage A Sin

Let’s buy them all, all that we need. Let’s buy them all only in polythene bags. Everything that we buy wrapped in plastic and other non degradable bags-covers. Education will not make a difference in our life, even after being …

  • 18 venerdì
  • gen 2013
  • 19:19
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Why Desi Panorama?

Ask world over a question on “what people know about India?”

Topping the list would be the Taj Mahal, The Kama Sutra, Our Spices and probably a few might know our Tigers. Beyond this India is just the land of …

  • 16 mercoledì
  • gen 2013
  • 12:11
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Elixir Poisoned

Water being the basis of life is often abused and exploited as a resource merely because of its easy availability at the end of an open tap. Little or no thought is ever being put into subjects like, the source …

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